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Our Popular Oil Boiler Packages

Grants Vortex Pro

With 5 Year Warranty

The Grant Vortex Pro oil range has some of the highest energy efficiency ratings in the UK. They’re of exceptionally high quality and are WHICH Best Buy boilers, boasting incredible value for money.

Supplied & Installed

From Just
  • 0% Finance Available over 2 Years

Worcester Bosch Heatslave

With 7 Year Warranty

Worcester Bosch make some of the most reliable, quality boilers made in the UK. We’d recommend this boiler if you’re looking for a premium choice.

Supplied & Installed

From Just
  • 0% Finance Available over 2 Years

Why Choose An Oil Boiler?

Internal or external – One of the key benefits associated with this type of boiler is that it can be either external or internal. This means that you can easily place your boiler either inside or outside of your home depending on the space that is available.

High levels of efficiency
– It goes without saying that efficiency is one of the most critical factors that anyone will be looking for when choosing a boiler. After all, you do not want to spend more on energy than is required. You will be pleased to know that oil boilers are very efficient. Condensing oil boilers, in particular, have been designed and manufactured in such a manner that they recapture the heat that could have been lost in the flue during condensation. 

Cost effective – The fact that oil boilers are very efficient automatically means that they are going to be cost-effective. It is also worth bearing in mind the price of oil has also decreased. Of course, prices can fluctuate. However, in the past three to four years, the prices have been kept low, and this helps to make oil boilers very affordable to run.

0% Finance Available

Having a boiler installed can be large, often unexpected cost. We understand that. That’s why offer 0% finance up to 2 years, allowing you reduce your payments to monthly, manageable amounts.